Chapter 1  : I Have A Daughter

It was the night of the full moon at the peak of Mount Tai.

An earth-shattering thunder rumbled from above as lightning drowned the area ten miles around Mount Tai. The land was crushed in the blink of an eye, annihilating all lives.

“I wonder which superior is crossing our land.”

“What a phenomenon! A genius must’ve landed on Earth!”

The top powerhouses in China were shocked by the phenomenon. The search on Mount Tai after the lightning went away was futile as they returned in disappointment.


However, nobody knew that this happened three days after the odd Mount Tai phenomenon took place.

A young man stood at the entrance of the city of Tiannan Province in Jinyang District. He looked stunned. Passersby could not stop staring because his clothes were torn and his hair was in a mess. He looked like a savage who had just gotten out of the mountain.

“It’s been five years! I, Ye Chen, have finally returned to Jinyang District!”

Ye Chen stared quietly at the place which was familiar yet strange to him. He was shaking a little, but nobody could tell if he was happy or sad as he ignored their stares completely. Nobody could understand how he was currently feeling.

Five years ago, he was tied up and tossed into Lake Surge. He thought there was no way that he could survive, but never had he thought that he would have integrated with a magical bottle at the bottom of the lake. When he woke up, Ye Chen realized he had traveled to a cultivation world where devils and demons wandered and immortals lived.

With the bottle, Ye Chen spent 3,000 years cultivating from a mortal to a supreme immortal. He carried the title of the Mad Southern Immortal. He even founded the Eastern Heaven and was called Emperor Ye by all beings. Throughout the 3,000 years, he was the overlord of all beings, conquering everything in the universe.


Unfortunately, he was betrayed by his most trustable disciple, Yu Wenxuan. With the intention of taking over the throne, Yu Wenxuan collaborated with the Demon World, the Evil World, and the Buddha World. The battle was extraordinarily intense. Ye Chen broke the Imperial Emperor Sword and crushed a rank-9 immortal weapon, the Night Demon Battle Armor. Eventually, he was tossed into a rip in space.

Surprisingly, the rip led to Earth. When Ye Chen woke up on Mount Tai three days ago, he found out that he had disappeared for five years.

In this world, he had parents and even a girlfriend who was drop-dead gorgeous.

He worried about how his parents were doing now.

And there was her, Su Yuhan!

It had been five years. Is she still…

Ye Chen took a deep breath as he strolled into the district after taking some time to sort out his emotions.

Jinyang District used to be a village in the city. Five years ago, they happened to build a thermal power station and the residents nearby were compensated to move. They were either given money or a house. Ye Chen’s family went for the house.

Soon, Ye Chen arrived at the building based on his memory. From a distance, he saw a middle-aged hunchbacked lady with silver hair sweeping water away.

He stopped when he was less than ten meters from her. His voice was incredibly husky as he called, “Mother…”

The middle-aged lady lifted her head to look at Ye Chen by instinct. She was stunned at first, then the broom in her hand clattered hard onto the ground. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief. “Xiao…Xiaochen?”

She was Ye Chen’s mother, Wu Lan.


Ye Chen kneeled hard in a puddle as he made his way step by step to Wu Lan on his knees. He was choking up. “Mother, this son of yours has been a bad son. I made all of you worry for five years!”

There was a saying that went ‘while your parents are alive, you may not go abroad. If you do go abroad, you must have a fixed place that you are going to’. One could imagine how worried his parents were throughout the five years that he disappeared.

“Xiaochen, you’re finally home!”

The second Wu Lan recognized Ye Chen, the mother and son hugged and sobbed. “You fool, why didn’t you call us to tell us where you had gone to? We didn’t know where you were or if you were alive. We never saw your body to confirm if you were dead. Do you have any idea how devastating your dad and I were all these years?”

“Mother, I went to a place far away, so I couldn’t contact you guys. There was not one day that passed by when I didn’t miss you guys,” said Ye Chen with his red eyes.

“Nothing matters now that you’re home. It’s great that you’re home. Let’s not talk about the past! Let’s go home. I’ll call your father now. He’ll be elated to find out about this!” Wu Lan wiped her tears while dragging Ye Chen into the house. She then called Ye Chen’s father to tell the great news, while Ye Chen looked around the house quietly.

At that moment, a little girl of four or five ran into the house while crying loudly, “Grandma, Xiaohu from next door bullied me again.”

The little girl had two braided ponytails high on her head. Her arms that were exposed were skinny, and her long lashes could not stop pattering. She looked like an exquisite porcelain doll from afar. However, her little cheeks were puffed up at the moment as she looked wronged.


Ye Chen was stunned at first, then he looked at the little girl in disbelief.


She…she’s my…

Then, the little girl noticed Ye Chen. She stopped crying and hid behind Wu Lan instinctively. She peeked her little head out in fear.

Ye Chen looked at Wu Lan immediately and emotionally, “Mother, is-is she…”

“Yes, Mengmeng is the child of yours and Yuhan.” Wu Lan nodded while smiling as she caressed the little girl’s hand. “A few days after you disappeared, Yuhan found out that she was one month pregnant. She then gave birth to Mengmeng, but this little girl…”

Ye Chen stopped listening to what his mother was saying. He walked to the little girl cautiously. “Mengmeng? My daughter? Yuhan gave birth to this sweet, little cuddly thing?”

Never had thought he would have a daughter throughout the five years that he was gone. In addition to that, his daughter had already grown so big. He could not really believe it. To be exact, he could not accept it.

However, he recalled all of a sudden that he once had intercourse with Yuhan a month before he disappeared. It was the last time they did it, and it was Yuhan who had initiated it. It was purely spontaneous, so no precaution was taken.

Furthermore, this little girl bore a 40% to 50% resemblance to him.

I have a daughter!

Hahaha! I, Emperor Ye, the Mad Southern Immortal, have a daughter!

The emotional rush of being a father for the first time overcame Ye Chen. He could not wait to carry this little cherub to get a good look at her.

However, the little girl hid behind Wu Lan again while pulling her grandmother’s sleeve anxiously. She was clearly a little scared of Ye Chen.

“Mengmeng, this is your father. Didn’t you keep telling me that you want a father?” Wu Lan said dearly.

Not sure where the little girl got her boldness from, she insisted with her cheeks blushing, “He’s not my father. I have no father!”

“You foolish girl. If you have no father, then how did you come to this world?” Wu Lan was not sure whether to cry or to laugh.

The little girl said, “My mother brought me to this world.”

Wu Lan was entertained by what she said at that moment.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, could not even smile. The emotions he was having included endless self-blame and regret.

It made sense. He had disappeared for five years and had never seen his daughter since she was born. He had not taken up the responsibility of being a father for even a day. Therefore, it made sense that the girl refused to know him.

Wu Lan had a serious expression. “Be good, Mengmeng. He’s really your father. Here, call him.”

“I don’t want to!” Mengmeng was stubborn.

Irritated, Wu Lan extended her hand in an attempt to give the girl a beating.

Ye Chen stopped her immediately. “Forget it, Mother. It’s okay if Mengmeng doesn’t want to call me.”

Wu Lan sighed. “I guess you haven’t eaten, have you? I’ll make you some food. Stay here to play with Mengmeng.”

The father and daughter stared at each other after Wu Lan left. Ye Chen forced a smile on his face and began, “Is your name Mengmeng?”

The little girl harrumphed loudly, still grumpy. She walked straight to the couch and plopped herself down. Then, she took out a checkered exercise book and began doing her homework attentively.

Ye Chen approached her slowly, but the little girl covered her book with her hand immediately. Without minding that, he asked while smiling, “Tell me, Mengmeng. What’s your name?”

The little girl wanted to ignore him, but she said in her baby voice anyway, “My name is Ye Mengmeng!”

Ye Mengmeng!

She bears the family name, Ye!

Ye Chen’s heart skipped a beat, and he held back his urge to hug the little girl. He said while beaming, “Ye Mengmeng…What a beautiful name! Did your mother give you this name? Where is your mother?”

He was a little doubtful as he had yet to see Su Yuhan since he came in. Could she have gone to work?

The little girl lifted her head and glared at him. Then, she said with no expression on her face, “The bad guy took Mother away!”

The bad guy took her away?

Ye Chen was stunned at that moment. Just when he wanted to ask further, he heard a thud. The little girl dropped the pen in her hand to the floor while she fell onto the couch. She held her head while seeming to be in pain.

“It hurts, it hurts! Grandma, I’m hurting really badly…”

“What happened?!” Ye Chen picked her up immediately. To his shock, he found many red spots on the little girl’s body while blood was gushing out of her nose.

Ye Chen panicked as he tried to stop the bleeding. “Are you alright, Mengmeng? You’re scaring me!”

Wu Lan walked out of the kitchen with her apron on. When she saw that, she took a bottle of pills from the cabinet quickly and popped one into the girl’s mouth. Her condition then eased.

It pained Ye Chen to see the girl who was falling asleep. “Mother, Mengmeng…?” He had just finally learned about his daughter and really did not want anything to happen to her.

Wu Lan sighed and said while choking up, “Mengmeng, sh-she has leukemia!”

The smile on Ye Chen’s face froze right away.